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 Report from Susan (on mainpage in German)

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BeitragThema: Report from Susan (on mainpage in German)   So 17 Okt 2010, 20:54

London, 09.10.10:

Where do I only start????

I haven't completely processed my impressions and experiences yet. On Friday we have visited the location to save time on saturday. It was a nice day, a lot of sun and very warm. After countless adorable, yummy sandwiches and a reasonable amount of Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks (addiction guaranteed!), we were back at the hotel around 22.30 o'clock.

Saturday it’s off to the Camden market to buy shoes , yet there were tons more to catch. Jewellery, records (of course Depeche Mode) etc..
14 o'clock again in the hotel to refresh, 15 o'clock off to the location.

Then at 16 o'clock I have got the tickets and then wait, wait, wait. After a little while a lady with red hair and shirt appeared. Quick wave, there she was, the "boss".

As we talked, Adam came around the corner!!!
WTF??? Adam!!!!
I was shocked!!!

After a man had approached him and chatted him up I thought. "Now or never!" He offered me his hand .What a smile!!! OMG!
I wasn't there any more, completely zonked out! Here I am... a fan of Adam and then something like that!

Then I asked for a photo with him, he meant: "Of course". His company asked me to make the photo! Really a very nice girl.

Incredible! Here’s the kicker!!!!!

He snaked his arm around me and I was in 7th heaven! Because I still have zoom on the cam and the lady asked: "What she should do?"
Facing the unavoidable I had to free myself of him and adjusted the Cam properly*g* He was very patient and grinned. Quick back into his arms!
I was also quickly sniffing at him! Yessssssssss he smells very good!!! (for all who want to know that) His words went down like oil! „Nice to meet you and it was a pleasure!“ Oh pleasssseeeee????? Ask me!!!!
I have thanked him quite courteously!

Then all the others walked over to him and asked for autographs. Damn, was I lucky to carry one of the photos of the price box with me – which he signed! My pen briefly played up and he had to try again writing and finally succeeded! Then I also got a kiss onto it! I waited, wathing the „boss“ handing him over our t-shirts for the boys. After that I had to sit down.

Completely spent...it was too much. Darn, I cowered there like a junkie on withdrawl!

19 o'clock (yes who can read is in the advantage, I know) - admittance. Front row! The hot bods with guitar (I checked for the name) were really great!
Performance, well...., a little bit like Joy Devision! But, I really like some songs.

Then, finally, Hurts!!!!

I have sung, laughed, danced and sometimes had tears in my eyes. Adam and his jumping on the stool made me completely crazy!
Then he soley took the guitar and rocked the house!!!!! Woaahhhhhh!!!!! Theo made a little joke every now and then between the songs. It was amusing also that he wanted to drink something he meant: "Only a moment, briefly I am back“ then he jumped fast to his water and took a gulp. Besides, the expression was a crack. Yes don't let the ladies wait, humph?

With "Devotion" he said: „I know you think Kylie is here behind the stage, but unfortunately, she is not there“! With "Verona" my breath stuck, I think lots in the audience experienced the same. That man gave us an impression of his opera voice! It was absolutely incredible!!! Getting more creeps is impossible! Theo knows exactly what he was doing to us, microphone stand and cable of the microphone....! Besides, his smile said everything.
He let the fans sing every now and then! Especially with "Stay" this struck me very much. With Better Than Love the hall was burning!!!! Hopping, banging and singing!!! Besides, confetti fell from the ceiling. Nice view!

I admit, I have also shrieked! Wasn’t too obvious amongst all the screaming women!

The security in front of me found this so entertaining that he shrieked back. I signalled him he was lucky to wear ear protection. He was very nice when he advised the lady beside me not to film - he has waited always until I made my photo.

Unfortunately, there were no encores!

Adam clapped to the audience every now and then and also Theo was probably moved by the scenes in front of him very much.

When everything was over we stayed at our place for a little while. When I saw the guy with the setlist of Adam in his hand, I was up and there. I have smiled and asked: " I can have them?!" Of course 3 ladies immediately stretched their hands out around me! The type smiled only and then has asked the men before him to give the setlist, ONLY to me! Yessssss!!!!! Nearly anything works with a nice smile !!!!

As we were the last one in front of the stage I asked the security again for the bottle cap (I had seen that Adam opened the water bottle on stage and threw the lid behind himself). He looked a little dumbstruck first, then got on stage and finally handed it over to me. Yessssss!!!! I am crazy, but I’m proud of it! I have also gathered confetti. Everything rests well protected in the glass cabinet. After that we patiently waited outdoors for a while, yet the the boys seemed to be busy with a backstage party or somethig. You know how things can stretch.

Not to miss the last tube we went back to the hotel! We had to get up already at 2 o'clock !

My resumee of the concert is:
One of my best concerts ever (in my personal charts). Seen from an emotional scale there’s nothing comparable so far. Taking 1-5 pics on a Hurts concert is way enough. You can’t have the full experience just pressing the shutter. This definitely has to sink in. I’m still dazed and over the moon. You shouldn't miss the variety of both of their facial expressions. I have been inspired anyway and will never forget it!

I wish them both they’d manage to stay theirselves!
It was a huge honour for me to be granted the experience of all this in such a short period of time. The weekend went in a glimpse! I will tell my grandchildren.

Thank you Hurts for an amazingly successful evening! Full of emotions and "Happiness"!!

(Thanks to Siv for her help to translate this)

...and a big THANK YOU to you, Susan Smile

"Jesus auf Drogen."

Vive la différence! Vive la cœur solitaire! Theo, 20.01.11

all for one and one for dance.

yippy yi ay..

DJ Theo is an electro pop saviour CityLife, 16.11.06

Theo Hurtscraft - who was Adam?

The world around you might not be the one behind. United we stand, united we fall.

Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams die
Life is a broken winged bird
That cannot fly.
              (Langston Hughes)

If you need inspiration - dwell on the sounds and views of nature and feel the companionship of a horse - it lets you know what you are feeling before you even find words - and you do not need any...the world stands still and you are with you right now
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Report from Susan (on mainpage in German)
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