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BeitragThema: Contents of the German Forum   Di 28 Sep 2010, 19:23

As everyone noticed, most parts of the forum can't be seen by guests (any more). This is because of different reasons. Every content that you find in these sections is just dedicated to the members of this forum. If someone wants to release something on other internet pages from here, please ask the sender of this content first. Asking can open doors without someone being upset. If the sender does not agree to your wish, he or she has his/her reasons to do so. Puplic contents like links from Google are can be treated different.

We do not have any control. It's in responsibility of all members to stick to this appeal. If you do not comply, the sad consequence will be that less unique contents can be released and shared with the others. The price pay all members.

I beg your recognition and your comprehension for my demand.



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Contents of the German Forum
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